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Celebrating Success

Celebrating success is an important aspect of life at Denbigh School.  Staff are encouraged to celebrate the successes of our students wherever possible, including focusing specifically on instances where students have demonstrated our school values.  

Students’ individual achievements are celebrated on a daily basis, through contact with parents/carers and the issuing of Shares which they can exchange for a variety of prizes during the school year.  Class teachers issue Shares when students have demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning. Tutors will celebrate excellent attendance and punctuality, being prepared, showing pride in our school and actively participating in Tutorial lessons.  Our Denbigh ‘cards of kindness’ are issued by staff where students have demonstrated being kind.  

After each Progress report, our Head of School invites those students who have made significant progress and demonstrated excellent attitudes to learning to celebrate lunches.   

We hold several awards ceremonies at the end of each school year, celebrating the significant achievements of our students.  Awards are given to those students who have made significant contributions in their studies, participated in extracurricular events or excel in a chosen field outside of school.  Each year we are delighted to welcome former students back to celebrate their achievements in their GCSE and A-Level exams.  

Brochures from our most recent Celebration of Success events can be downloaded below: