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Languages Faculty

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Faculty Introduction

At Denbigh School we are in the fortunate position to offer teaching in French, Spanish and German. You and your child will choose the language you wish to study prior to starting Denbigh School. As it forms part of the EBacc, most students will continue to study a language in Years 10 and 11.

We are also able to offer Italian and Turkish as options in the 6th Form as part of the enrichment programme. Additionally, assistance can be given for other languages at GCSE level.

The Languages Faculty run exchanges with schools & students in France & Germany as we have excellent links with schools in Caen and Schwerte. At A-Level we run a Work Experience programme for A-Level German and French students. Over the years this has been very successful enabling students to acquire work skills as well as being fully immersed in the language they are studying.

Learning a language is vital. Only 6% of the world’s population speaks English as a native language.

Competency in a foreign language is an important skill for the 21st Century. If we are to ensure that the UK remains globally competitive in the current and ever-changing landscape, we need all of our young people to be given the chance to acquire these vital skills. We also know that employers value employees with good language skills.

Students develop communication skills on an inter-personal level for an increasingly global, high-tech economy. From conversation to e-mail to video-conferencing our students prepare to become citizens of a multinational society.

Developing an understanding of another culture is another key aspect of learning a language. As well as learning grammar and vocabulary, learning about the traditions, festivals and culture of other countries is equally important and we have themed lessons at various parts of the year.

Year 7

Autumn 1st half termMi vidaAn introduction to FrenchMeine Welt und ich
Autumn 2nd half termMi tiempo libreAn introduction to French
Describing people
Familie und Tiere
Spring 1st half termMi instiDescribing people
Freizeit – juhu!
Spring 2nd half termMi instiHobbies and past-timesSchule ist klasse!
Summer 1st half termMi ciudadTownGute Reise!
Summer 2nd half termMi ciudadHolidaysGute Reise!

Year 8

Autumn 1st half termMy holidaysFree time activitiesHolidays
Autumn 2nd half termMy holidays
All about my free time
ParisFree time and Media
Spring 1st half termFoodIdentityFood and Healthy Lifestyles
Spring 2nd half termGetting ready to go outHouse and homeDaily Routine & Travel
Summer 1st half termGetting ready to go outTalentFestivals
Summer 2nd half termThe Summer holidaysTalentFashion and Going Out

Year 9

Autumn 1st half termSomos asíMa vie sociale d’adoVorbilder
Autumn 2nd half termOriéntateBien dans sa peauMusik
Spring 1st half termEn formaÀ l’horizonMeine Ambitionen
Spring 2nd half termJóvenes en acciónSpécial vacancesDie Kindheit
Summer 1st half termJóvenes en acción/Una aventura en MadridMoi dans le mondeRechte und Pflichten
Summer 2nd half termUna aventura en MadridMoi dans le mondeRechte und Pflichten

Year 10

Autumn 1st half termDesconéctateQui suis-je?School
Autumn 2nd half termMi vida en el instiLe temps des loisirsFree time / leisure
Spring 1st half termMi genteJours ordinaires jours de fêteFamily and Relationships
Spring 2nd half termMi genteDe la ville à la campagneHome / Healthy Lifestyle
Summer 1st half termIntereses e influenciasLe grand LargeTravel
Summer 2nd half termRevisionGrammarGrammar review

Year 11

Autumn 1st half termIntereses e influenciasDe la ville à la campagneHome / Healthy Lifestyle
Autumn 2nd half termCiudadesLe Grand LargeTravel
Spring 1st half termDe costumbreAu collègeHolidays and at home
Spring 2nd half termHacia un mundo mejorBon travail
Un œil sur le monde
Work and employment / Social issues
Summer 1st half termJóvenes en acción/ Una Aventura en MadridRevisionEnvironment
Summer 2nd half termUna Aventura en MadridTBCTBC

Year 12

Autumn 1st half termPART 1:Modern and traditional values
PART 2:Internet and cyberspace
La famille en voie de changement
La « cyber-société »
Familie in Wandel
Die digitale Welt
Autumn 2nd half termPART 1:Sexual equality
PART 2:Celebrity influences
Cultural Theme
Une culture fière de son patrimoine
Feste und Traditionen
Spring 1st half termPART 1: Cultural topic: Film: El laberinto del fauno
PART 2:Regional identity in Spain
Le rôle du bénévolat
La musique francophone contemporaine
Kunst und Architektur
Spring 2nd half termPART 1:Cultural topic: Film: El laberinto del fauno
PART 2:El patrimonio cultural
Cinéma: le septième art
Cultural Theme
Das Berliner Kulturleben damals und heute
Summer 1st half termRevisionRevisionRevision
Summer 2nd half termPART 1:La inmigración
PART 2:Las polítcas
Les aspects positifs d’une société diverse
Quelle vie pour les marginalisés?
Preparation for A2

Year 13

Autumn 1st half termTheme 4b :Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world.
Theme 3b: Multiculturalism in Hispanic society. El racismo
Diversité – un aprentissage pour la vie.
Quelles attitudes envers les marginalisés?
Quelles attitudes envers la criminalité?
Pour ou contre le droit de vote
Multiculturalism in German-speaking society
Autumn 2nd half termTheme 4c: Los movimientos populares.
Theme 3c: Multiculturalism in Hispanic society. L a convivencia.
La prison: échec ou succès?
D’autres sanctions
Les ados et l’engagement politique
Individual research project
Quel avenir pour la politique?
Independent research project
Aspects of political life in the German-speaking world
Individual Research Project
Revision of AS Topics
Winter 1st half termResearch Project
Theme 3c : Literary text La casa de Bernarda Alba.
Le pouvoir des syndicats
Manifestations et grèves
Individual research project
Individual Research Project
Winter 2nd half termAS topics revisiónAttitudes différents envers ces tensions politiques
Individual research project
Revision of Year 12 topics
Exam skills preparation and practice
Summer 1st half termLa igualidad de los sexos
El patrimonio cultural
La politique et l’immigration
Individual research project
Revision of Year 12 topics
Summer 2nd half termRevision and exam preparationTBCTBC

Extra Curricular

As well as the trips mentioned, we also offer a German, French and Spanish club during break time once a week and there are also after school clubs too.